Posted by: anglopole | May 7, 2008


I first came to the UK in 1991. The we still needed visas to come here. I was determined to get and so I went to Warsaw and got it, at a second go, but I did. So, I went to Stoke-on-Trent and stayed with then a friend of mine (a girl I had met when learning English at a language school – she was teaching there) and her family. I absolutely fell in love with England. Everything I saw was beautiful and better than all I had known in Poland. I suppose then I simply manifested some of the national inferiority complexes that still haunt Poles…. The geography, architecture, culture, people….. EVERYTHING appealed to me here… People were so nice, helpful, always polite…. I was crying my head of in Victoria station when I was leaving after my first 6 weeks in England!

Later I was coming to England frequently for a few weeks or months during the summer holidays and once do a Bible school in the autumn.

I can, then, claim the right to be writing this blog of mine where I want to describe England, the country I have settled in with my family, as I have lived here for some time now, after years of tourist invasions on many spots here and there in England and Wales.

The content of this blog is my view of England and the English and I will welcome questions and discussions from you, dear readers. I am not attempting to judge this nation but will try to point to some common traits of the people and how they influence me as an immigrant. I also hope to make it an entertaining blog – we will see if I succeed:)



  1. Horses firmly held. Curiosity tightly bottled… for the time being.


  2. I’ve been reading your blog, starting from the latest post to the oldest. I found it amusing, illustrative… I loved it! You’ve got a new reader. 😉
    All the best for you and your family from Peru.


  3. Welcome Gabriela! Thanks for your comment! 🙂 Comments from readers are a cruicial feedback and can be such an encouragement for the author to continue pouring out their thoughts!
    New post coming any moment, so stay tuned:-)


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