Posted by: anglopole | June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr Nelson Mandela


Yesterday there was a huge, glamorous birthday party in London with a large variety of stars performing and 50.000 people in the audience (not counting the millions enjoying the concert from their homes, like myself – party time is party time, ain’t it?!;p). All this and hundreds of greetings and comments from politicians and celebrities around the world was to honour Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday, which actually took place on 18th of June.

As someone said, ‘if we had at least 3000 leaders like Nelson Mandela, the world would be a whole lot different place’. He is not just a great leader, but a great man, which is a wonderful example of how to be a human being in dehumanized political systems, inner and foreign affairs of countries, but, most of all in our daily interaction with other people. Mandela has proved that it is possible to ‘fight’ a good ‘fight’, without actually fighting. No-one would doubt his great input into dealing with apartheid, which he paid for with the long prison sentence that he served gracefully.

All this is wonderful and celebrating good things is a rare occurrence compared to all the negativitity the media daily feed us with. However, I wasn’t exactly in a party mood yesterday when watching the concert. I did enjoy listening to all the performances, wishing I could go to a concert like this as in the old, more rebellious days… Yet, this entertainment served by ITV last night was bitter sweet to my mind. Ironically, it was yesterday that Zimbabwians forced on their knees by the notorious Mugabe-the-dictator had to vote him a president for yet another term of office. Oh, yes, media have been busy practising various adjectives to describe what this election truly was (you could seriously extend your vocab reading the headlines!). Yes, Nelson Mandela did condemn Mugabe’s dirty tricks but was it as loud as the celebrations of his birthday, I am wondering?

I am also puzzled with a rather slow reaction from the British government to condemn what is happening in what they once called Rhodesia. I am not going to resort to political correctness here! The British were fast to colonize Zimbabwe, impose their own ways there, and rule the land for years and use its natural resources. Now, however, the interest in doing something to bring a real change for the Zimbabwians is only expressed in what I’ve called ‘bla bla bla operation’ – tones of words and no actual action following them.

Today many are probably treating their hangover after yesterday’s concert and partying while millions are in fear of Mugabe’s fury finding its way to their homes….

 Well, happy birthday Mr Mandela, congratulations Britain and the world for fantastic ways of honouring the once brave man and organizing funds for aids victims in Africa, and shame on you for being passive about the present suffering of Zimbabwians.

Here is a song dedicated to Nelson Mandela that was performed by Amy Winehouse last night during the live concert; ‘Free Nelson Mandela’:

He’s already free, thank God! Free Zimbabwe now!


  1. You know exactly how I feel about this issue.
    I watched the concert and wanted to barf. Enough already! And then I switched the channel and saw Mbeki shaking hands with Crazy Bob and congratulating him on his victory. And I thought, just wait 10 years… What’s happening in Zim now is nothing but a dress rehearsal for what’s coming to SA. I just hope that Mr. Mandela lives long enough to see it.


  2. We shall most certainly see more of Bob-the-destroyer’s tactics in SA:( They don’t have oil, unfortunately…. they’ll have to rely on their own strengths…


  3. Great Blog, totally agree with your comments vis-a-vis Zimbabwe.

    As son of a Polish born father, born in the Uk I can relate to what you say-if there was Oil in Z we would be in there immediately.


  4. Alan Jerzy, thanx a lot for nice comments. It is great to know people are reading these my scribbles;p Some accuse me of a negative approach to Britain. Well, I just cannot pretend I cannot see what I actually can…. Anyway, it is sad that it isn’t human suffering that prompts the superpowers to help nations in need.. 😦


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