Posted by: anglopole | October 5, 2008

Harvest Festival

One of those celebrations that reminds you of the end of the summer (that’s if the weather’s not done it by now) is harvest festival. I should really have written about it last Sunday as this was exactly when the festival was celebrated in churches, schools or market squares in the country. Last weekend, however, was the contradiction in terms of weather to what you’d normally expect harvest festival season to be like. So, I was enjoying the sun to the fullest last weekend and good for me as this past few days have been cold, windy and rainy… 😦

Anyway, the English harvest festival is very much like the Polish Dożynki , which is a proof that there are similarities between cultures seemingly so different as the Polish and British ones.

Here’s a sample display charateristic of this festival. People would bring various food items to schools, village halls, or churches, which later would be passed on to charities helping those in need.


Let me use this opportunity to drop a line or two about the markets here, since the time of harvest festival is also about displaying and selling produce of all kinds. If there is no permanent place for farmers and other sellers to market their products in a town or a village, on Saturdays the town centres often host dozens of stands where you can find nearly anything you’d fancy, but most importantly fresh veggies and fruits, including those exotic ones.

There is one market street in Luton, close to the town centre that I like to visit regularly as the Asian shop keepers there have food items from all over the world, and so when we want to cook something Nigerian this is the place where we can find yams, garri, plantain, spices of all kinds, that’s to mention just a few.


Asian shop
Asian shop

I dare say it is in these market squares, streets or foreign shops that you can see how multicultural the UK really is. Shopping in those places is like immersing yourself in the proverbial melting pot and it is a nice experience, for me, at least. Having all these cultures virtually close at hand is what I like best about the UK.



  1. 😉 (L) 😀 🙂 😦 (L) X) yo the BEST!!!!!!!!


  2. Harvest Festival is also a great song by XTC, and quintessential English band!


  3. hello.. nice blog.. i like festivals and all great traditions each country practices..


  4. Hi there Chilbi! Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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