Posted by: anglopole | October 16, 2008

Birthday parties for kiddies – a piece of cake, really!

October is a very busy month for me as I have quite a few birthday parties to attend and organize one, as well. In two weeks time my older boy will turn 4. I started thinking about organizing the party for him last month as I had to browse through some brochures to choose the best venue for the tots to have fun in. Yeah, it does sound serious, doesn’t it? I bet it makes you think about a wedding reception and how complicated it is to pull one together, let alone the sky high costs. Well, when it comes to birthday parties for kids, it isn’t as complicated as one might think. Certainly, here in England, it invloves far far less effort from the parents than in Poland. I know because I have learnt it the hard way! :-O

Last year I had this fantastic idea of throwing a typical Polish party for my older son. The idea was to involve everyone in it and not just the children. I prepared all the dishes you’d normally see on a Polish table at a major celebration. To provide fun for the little ones I organized mind blowing games (well, I thought they’d be mind blowing, anyway) and wanted to engage the grown-ups in them too while hoping to have a nice chat with them as we normally do in Poland. I did bring some of the English features into this Polish spectacle of mine and it was these bits that the kids enjoyed most:

  • junk food (sausage rolls, crisps, mini pasties, etc.)

  • fizzy drinks

  • the loot bags

  • pass the parcel game proved the most popular

  • ….to mention just a few.

 Well, I ended up taking all the wonderful dishes back home and my hubby had to clean a huge hall we rented for the event…. and my boys had to bear with exhausted parents in the evening of that day. It will not be a surprise if I say that I’m not doing it again this year or any time in the nearest future.

Forget the lovely Polish salad:


or the healthy fruit and vegetable juicies


or the famous Polish cold meats

I am going to let someone else worry about preparing everything and doing all the cleaning afterwards. I am going to be 100% English about this birthday party 🙂 KIDS WORLD is the place where we’ve booked the party. Lots of space for the kiddies to run and jump around in the play area:

Lunch and treats will be served in a themed room…. Parents of the kids invited to the party? If they’re hungry, they can buy whatever they wish at the cafe in the kids club 😀

After the party we’ll just pack the presents and the kids, of course, and go back home, as relaxed as when we’d come in the morning. That’s what I call FUN for everyone – kiddies’ birthday party, the English way! :-)


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