Posted by: anglopole | December 17, 2008

‘Brick Lane’

Not long ago I watched a very interesting film on TV, entitled ‘Brick Lane‘. Even though its characters are mainly Bangladeshi people and it’s their life that is being portrayed by the movie, it does show some cruicial aspects of life in Britain, I think. Multiculturalism, which I mentioned before on a few occassions, is just one of them. I thought I’d mention the film here as it shows how isolated some ethnic minorities are in the UK. Oh yes, I immediately hear voices shouting: ” then why don’t they integrate with the Brits?”. Well, good question, actually… Why is that many British citizens of foreign origins choose to live in communities comprising of their own ethnic groups rather than white Britons?

I’d say it’s a two way system, or it takes two to tango…. Opening borders doesn’t necessarily mean a particular country is actually open (=welcoming, hospitable, etc) for all the exotic or not so exotic newcomers, or does it? On the other hand, I find it hard to understand why some people can live here for years and not be able to produce one sentence in English (I should be glad this is the case as I have a job thanks to such people!).  At the same time, there are folks who were born and brought up here and at some point turned against Britain, the country of their birth (see the latest case of Bilal Abdullah )… Such people are not foreigners by definition, are they? They were born here, English is their native tongue, they are very well acquainted with the culture, customs, etc. of the land.

The problem is that dozens of Brits asked in countless surveys are unable to define what Britishness is,  neither can most people explain the hostility towards enthinc minorities expressed in many places in the UK.

The fact is, however, that regardless of origin and sense of identity most people here love curries and these can be enjoyed in places like Brick Lane ! Perhaps that is the magic key to international integration  = cooking amd dining? 😉


  1. So sorry to ask you for some help, but my nephew wants to know what do this words mean:
    kocham cie bardzo mocno.
    I hope he is not cursing! :S
    Thanks in advance!


  2. gabriela i think it means I love you lots.

    Anglopole your blog is interesting.


  3. Cheers! You’re right, Clare, it does mean ‘I love you lots’! 🙂


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