Posted by: anglopole | December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve, finally! 🙂 No more rushing around, shopping, battling through hold-ups on the motorways and through city traffic… Ah, yes, there’s still cooking to be done. Well, I’m not worried much about that one as I need to attend to the first Christmas guest who’s been bothering my family and that is flu! 😦 It is quite unlucky for the little ones to be poorly at this time of year, but let’s hope that tomorrow morning the sack full of presents from Santa will cheer them up.

In Poland, it is today that is the most special, family time of feasting, sharing greetings, opening presents, and going to the midnight mass (the so called shepherds’ mass), if your Catholic, of course. It’s been a long time since I last celebrated Xmas the Polish way. As you will surely know, it’s the Christmas day that is the most magical and special time of the season, here in the UK. It begins with a morning of excitement about opening the presents found under the Christmas tree or/and in stockings (surely, when I said ‘excitement’ I meant kids!), most Christian families would go to a Christmas service in their church which would be followed by a festive lunch with family and/or friends.

If you have these, you’re pretty much set and ready for Christmas here, in Britain:

1. The usual Christmas decorations (inside and outside); the more the better, of course!

2. Hundreds of Christmas cards, which you either send or deliver personally to your friends, neighbours, your kids’ mates, work colleagues and many others…

3. Christmas card holder for all the cards you receive. I got one of these:


4. Stockings, especially when there are kids in the house:


5. Crackers, which can provide lots of fun, as you never know what’s in them (a bit like Chinese surprise cookies):


6. Presents of all sorts (it doesn’t look like the credit crunch has stifled the desire of people to give presents to their loved ones this Christmas) wrapped in as fancy a way as possible.

7. Lots of food. As for the main dish, tastes vary – I’d say, majority of people still go for turkey, but some prefer roast lamb or chicken. The foods that will not be missing in most British homes are:

Christmas pudding


Mince pie


Christmas punch



If you have other Xmas delicacies, apart from the above mentioned ones, do please tell us about them! Also, if you read this blog but are not in Britain or Poland, share with us the Christmas customs of the place you live in, please!

Anyway, after the Christmas, comes the Boxing day which is mainly associated with mega shopping and thousands of bargains…. – how very modern, isn’t it?

To finish this short Christmas post of mine, let me wish you all happy holidays, whether you actually celebrate Christmas or not, whether you like my blog or hate it to bits!  🙂




  1. Hello,
    Very well written and very informative article, keep up the impressive writing, Thanks Jerry.


  2. Thanks for your comment, Efleaa 🙂


  3. Hello. I was reading your blog and I also wanted to mention that the British Red Cross also sells charity Christmas cards. If you were thinking of buying Christmas cards this year, do consider us. There might be something in our range to suit your needs this year. You can view them or order online. Funds raised from our sales go to support the work of the British Red Cross. Thanks!


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