Posted by: anglopole | January 9, 2009

January – the sofa month!

January feels like one long bank holiday! Why? Well, on every bank holiday there are always mega sales in Britiain and mainly of sofas and beds. The first month of the new year is marked with sales. Hence, ever since I moved to the UK, I’ve associated January with sofas and beds of all kinds… There are so many ads bringing them on to your attention that even if you don’t need a new sofa or bed, you begin to obsess about them… Some people may even develop a fetish kind of attraction to beds and sofas because of it! 😉

Anyway, the slogans you are bombarded with everywhere now are:

– Sale now on!

– Huge Savings up to 1/2 price!

– Massive Genuine Sale!

– Save £££’s!

– 4 years interest free credit!

– Pay nothing for the first year!

– Hurry Offers Won’t Last!

– Winter Sale!

– Fantastic offeres in store now!

– Fast delivery!

– Reliable service!

Otherwise grey and, now, foggy streets brighten up a bit with all the posters soked in red! Pity the weather isn’t getting any warmer because of this shopping craze… the only temperatures that get higher are those of all the people fervently grabbing all the bargains…  

Oh well, you sort of must give in to some of these persistent pleas of the English sellers and when you do, you may get more than you bargained for:



I could actually do with a new, big, kids proof sofa, so I’d better go hunting for one! 🙂


  1. You’re right about the slogans. I grew up in Reading, and although I haven’t lived there in years I still remember a radio advert – “For beds in Reading the place to be heading is Reading Bedding”!


  2. That’s a good one, Adam! 🙂 I’ve come across these ones lately:
    ‘Think sofas! Think DFS!’
    ‘The Sale with everything but time!’
    ‘Halve the cost of living!’
    and there are more on billboards around!

    So, are the french sofas as comfortable and cherished? 😉


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