Posted by: anglopole | January 18, 2009

WHO is the national hero in the UK!

One of the main stories in the headlines in the past week was the miraculous crash landing of a plane in the Hudson river in New York. Not surprisingly it’s the captain of the lucky aircraft that is in the centre of the story and now a national hero in the USA. Americans, huh?! They love heroes, especially when they are saving the world! 😉 Now, on a serious note, I am full of admiration for Chesley B \”Sully\” Sullenberger  myself! Why am I writing about this in a blog that is about Britian? You might wonder too. Well, the whole story brought this whole subject of a hero into my mind and the first association that I’ve had with it wasDoctor Who – very much a national Hero in the UK, a fictional one, but still…. loved, cherished, admired and fancied by many…


The Time Lord, always there in the right place, not just in the world, but in the universe, to help those tormented by all kinds of monsters…. blah blah blah… I can see no reason why anyone here should laugh at the American drive to create or pursue such heroes! 🙂

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that nations which have dominated or still do some parts of the world have this tendency to love characters like Doctor Who, Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, etc?

Anyway, they say: ‘show me what you watch and I’ll tell you who you are’  and there are millions of Dr Who fans here in the UK (not just children, mind you)…. What can we say about the British based on this fascination with the driver of the magical phone booth? I will not answer the question as I, personally, find the series cheesy and uninteresting… Not being a fan of Dr Who I can only speculate why the character is so loved by the Brits. Hopefully, some of his fans or those not into the show at all will show up here and share their views on it. I really am very curious what is so special about the conqueror of the universe?



  1. Like you, I’m no great fan of Dr Who, although it did terrify me as a child!

    For heroes in the UK, have a look at this very interesting site:


  2. Hahaha – nowadays kids are into monsters a lot, so they probably just love watching Dr Who and the villains he fights with! 😉
    Thanks for the link! The blog does appear to be interesting! 🙂


  3. Hello:
    As promised, I already translated that post of yours:
    Thanks a lot!


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