Posted by: anglopole | January 26, 2009

What a gaming nation!

It was some time ago that I noticed people in Britain enjoy playing all sorts of games, and I do not mean outdoor or indoor sports only. Board, and now video games are a very popular form of spending free time with family or/and friends. I must say, I  liked it from the start! It’s a fantastic alternative to spending time in front of TV or playing games on your own on the PC (or Mac, of course!). My personal favourite is Scrabble.


I hardly ever have a problem finding a partner to play Scrabble with among my English friends and hardly ever manage to encourage the Polish ones to join me in this mind blowing exercise! 😉 It may seem a trivial thing, but I think it is very much a cultural phenomenon…

Another word game the Brits often indulge in is Boggle:


You can’t even imagine how much you can learn playing these games. Now, of course in the ever present electronic era, many people swap the board games for their electronic equivalents, like the ones on Nintendo Wii or DS. Still it’s both fun and educational. Surely, there are many others and not just word games… Monoply being one of the veterans. I don’t really want to list them all here. I just thought I’d make this lil’ entry about my fave way of relaxing which also happens to be a very English one too!

So, are there more word (or other brain teasing) games maniacs out there ?!




  1. It would be interesting to play scrabble in Polish – every word would be made up of high scoring letters!


  2. Hahaha -yeah! There are lots of consonants in Polish, so it is interesting indeed to play the Polish version of Scrabble. I once tried to play Scrabble in Polish using the English version of the game! It was rather tricky, but good fun too! 🙂

    So, Adam, do the French like word games at all?


  3. in mexico we dont play very often scrabble, its not so common to play game boards at all. But in my family we used to play Rommy.

    I like your blog, i will be following it.


    • Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment, Zocadiz! 🙂 I’d love to visit Mexico one day!


  4. Here in Lima these kind of games are not so common nor popular. They are well known but hardly ever played, at least as far as I know. I used to think that is because in Lima we do not have heavy rain that makes us stay indoors.
    Maybe it is just a matter of preferences…


  5. You’re right, Gabriela, it surely is a matter of preference and, I’d say, availability of particular games in a country.
    I like such games and so I naturally like the fact that people here enjoy playing them too, I guess 🙂


  6. Yes Anglopole, the French are quite keen on word games and play scrabble too. They have a version of ‘Countdown’ on TV too which is just as popular. However, they certainly don’t play as many games as the British and don’t go in for quizzes.


  7. Hi Ang. There is a very nice online Scrabble clone at, both in en and pl languages. The game rules are nearly unnoticeably different with respect to the original in order to obviate licensing problems. I occasionally play there and would be delighted if we could meet at the same table some day. However, I score much higher in Polish. Take care 🙂


    • Cheers Burbie! I’ll definitely check the website out and we might have a game or two some time! 🙂


      • Hi anglopole,
        Getting better? sinuses can be a drag..! Been there, done that (-: .
        I got here through google when looking for a polish version of Scrabble, the most I got was stuff like “How to POLISH your Scrabble skills”, ha ha…
        So, if you feel better and got some time to help a total stranger…. I’m looking for a polish language scrabble game, NOT online. It’s for my just-turned 80 mother-in-law, she comes from Poland and had enough of Windows’ solitaire…
        If there’s a Scrabble in polish by the original game-makers, great, but any playable version is good…
        Hopefully you can help me and anyway, I hope you get better,

        All the best


      • thanks Joe, I am feeling better:-) I’ve sat exams recently and so have been rather absent here… I hope to catch up soon. Well, the only places I can think of when it comes to getting a Polish version of scrabble is ebay, amazon or you could try Polish online stores like or
        Good luck with your scrabble hunt and my best regards to the mother-in-law 🙂


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  9. Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Ireland that you can buy the Polish version of Scrabble. I am currently learning Polish and I think it might help me with thinking and spelling in Polish.


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