Posted by: anglopole | February 12, 2009

The Isle of Dogs

Those living in London or visiting the city frequently know The Isle of Dogs is really a part of the capital of Britain. I think, however, it could well be just another nickname of the UK! 😉 It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the English are crazy about dogs, and, of course, they are not the only nation often expressing more love for dogs than fellow humans! You can see all kinds of breeds being walked everywhere around. These are a common sight in parks and foot paths:


Unfortunately, seeing dog owners making use of these bins is no longer a common occurrence! 😦 When taking walks in the local parks or streets, I often end up carefully studying the road in front of me rather than admire the views around to avoid my feet having a shitty close encounter! 😉


The dog droppings are, however, only a small, though smelly, problem when compared to people being attacked by their own or strangers’ dogs. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t exactly classify this dog as a pet:

Saffordshire Bull Terrier

Saffordshire Bull Terrier

I may be irritated with the gross embellishments of the streets, but I am totally appalled at people’s irresponsibility when rearing dangerous breeds of dogs! Not only do they allow the dogs to play with their kids unsupervised but also take them for walks unleashed and without a muzzle! Oh, and all too often you dare not request an owner of such an unleashed ‘pet’ to put it on a leash, as their reply is often as aggressive as the look of the dog in question. Sad!

Only last week yet another child was mauled to death by his family dogs (the mentioned bull terrier and Jack Russel). Every dog is a potential danger for a child, let alone the officially recoginzed dangerous breeds. Why do people keep on bringing these tragic attacks on themselves, their loved ones or strangers? Why isn’t the existing law about owning such ‘pets’ executed?

Mind you, I like animals, but not when they are in my or, worse still, my kids’ faces when we try to enjoy the outdoors together! Also if I ever decided to have a dog again (I used to have a fox terrier for 12 years), it would be a kids friendly one, like a labrador, for example:


And still I don’t think I’d fully trust the dog to play with my children unsupervised. Call it what you wish, to me it’s a common-sense attitude.


It’s 1st of December 2009 and it’s happened yet again: Four-year-old boy killed by dog – it really didn’t have to happen, especially that people from the neighbourhood had complained about dangerous dogs being bred in the house where the attack took place a few days ago….

All you lovers of pit bull terriers and the like, you can keep calling me ignorant if you wish – still, I wouldn’t expose my children to living alongside a dog (or dogs) classified as dangerous and I will not tolerate such dogs running wild in the neighbourhood. If you’re fine keeping such an animal in the house with vulnerable people, you may be the next ones to experience the trauma of losing someone in such a inhumane and shocking way….


  1. I totally agree with you, we can not forget the natural instinct of dogs like dobermans or bull terriers.
    Nevertheless i adore yorkshires! 🙂


    • Hi there, Zocadiz!:-) Well, I’d say it’s far from being a crime to like dogs, even the scary ones. Yet, it is a crime to approach them or breed them irresponsibly! Unfortunately, all too many people learn this truth the hard way! 😦


  2. The attitude of the ‘dangerous dogs’ brigade is truly mind-boggling. Nine times out of ten people have dogs like these just so they can threaten and intimidate. You can walk down the street with a dog that’s far more dangerous than a nine-inch knife and use it to scare anyone who isn’t paying you the proper ‘respect’. The police can’t prove anything and they can’t take it away from you. It’s the perfect tool of the thug. Children occasionally pay for this arrogance in the same way that kids in the States occasionally pay for the arrogance of parents who insist on keeping firearms in their house.


  3. Very well said, Island! Innocent people all too often are on the receiving end of the stupidity of those who own dangerous dogs to treat their big hurting egos… 😦


  4. Sadly, here in Peru is quite common to read that someone was attacked by a dog. The most common breed mentioned: pitbulls.
    I can’t understand either why people keep breeding dangerous dogs and risking other people’s life… and sometimes their own.


  5. I agree that people should pick up after their dogs and keep them under control. I do not think that the problem is with the breed when it comes to attacks. The responsibility lies on the owner to spend the time training the dog and properly socializing their pet. unfortunately there are alot of people out there who want a type of dog that they just can’t handle. terrier breeds are not for inexperienced dog owners. Large dogs are not for inexperienced dog owners either. Even the beloved labrador has a bad history of “accidental maulings” (where they get so excited that they use a child as a chew toy) This happened to my neice and the emergency room doctor said that it happened all the time with labs. I myself was attacked by a cocker spaniel. The bottom line is not the breed, it’s the training and supervision that they require and the lack of effort of the owner.


  6. You’re absolutely right, Ria! Dogs are dogs, of whatever breed, they should be well controlled by the owners! On the last Saturday, as I was walking with my young children in our neighbourhood, we were followed, at some point, by a bull terrier running loose!! :-O The owner, was attending to his garden when the dog was just left alone! It’s sad to see people never learn from the stories they read about. Needless to say I did voice what I thought about the dog being unleashed and unmuzzled, but, I am not sure the owner will control the dog fom now on! 😦


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  8. I’ve been a dog groomer for some years now, I’ve come face to face with every kind of dog there is. From cane corsos to Komodors, I can tell you there is no such thing as a dangerous breed of dog. Dangerous dogs, yes, only ones that have been reared insufficiently by careless or ignorant owners who cause their dogs, intentionally or otherwise, to act the way they do…
    I keep a very open mind when I meet any dog, but from experience I know I am more likely to be bitten by a shih tzu or yorkshire terrier than a Pit Bull, even though there are plenty of cases where pitbulls have been abused to the point where they have lost respect for humans. But can you blame them? Any dog raised the way pits are braught up in the city would come with the same problems, any dog who has been neglected or used for fighting would be in critical need of corrective discipline and affection. But because of their bad reputation, they seldom get a second chance and are euthanized.
    I have recently adopted an old pitbull, Tyson, who now lives peacefully with my tenacious young corgi, Bella, and I could not ask for a better companion. Tyson was rescued from a fighting ring where he was used as a ‘punchbag’ for the fighting dogs ( they allowed him to be attacked to bring up the confidence in the other dogs) from which he bears many scars. But all dogs live in the moment, and through the discipline and love he has recieved over the years, he fosters no agression towards people or dogs. Even when my corgi may growl at him for getting too close to her food, he backs away calmly and pays her no mind. He is truly a saint of a dog.
    I wish to use him in the future as an embassador for the breed. He currently works as a therapy dog for the elderly at a nearby nursing home, where he is loved and adored by everyone. I trust Tyson more than any dog I’ve ever met, (even more than bella, who I raised myself!) not because he is my own, but because he IS a pit, who are noble and gentle by nature, and need only love and a little discipline to be the ideal ‘man’s best friend’.


    • thanks for your comment Blair!


  9. Please do your research before posting. (People tend to believe whatever they read on these pages.) You placed a photo of a Saffordshire Bull Terrier at the top of your page. You don’t classify it as a pet? THE STAFFORDSHIRE IS NOT A VIOLENT BREED. “The Staffordshire Bull Terrier appeared in the top 10 breeds most suitable for families and especially children in a report researched and published by Southampton University in 1996” These dogs are family dogs. They are extremely friendly dogs and although they are intimidating at times, they make poor guard dogs.


    • Dear TA Fields , I do my homework before writing something in my blog, actually. Here are some facts on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier: . It says, among other things: “They can be difficult to housebreak. These dogs are not recommended for most families, because they need every member of their family to be a firm, confident, consistent pack leader, providing rules they must follow; placing limits on what they can and cannot do.” Most dog owners are not qualified or able to train their pets well and many cannot afford professional training for their dogs, and so they should avoid breeds like Staffordshire Bull Terrier which require good and responsible handling. S.B.T are not guinea pigs or hamsters, which you can leave to themselves without paying to much attention or conscious training….


  10. Unfortunately even the ignorant have a voice that can influence many using this form of media.

    The picture shown of the black dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

    The dog mentioned in the story is a Bull Terrier, a completely different breed.

    Looks can be deceiving. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, also vastly different from the pitbull in size and temperament.

    According to the ATTS (American Temperament Test Society), the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has an 88% pass rate, the Bull Terrier has a 91.2% pass rate, and here’s a shocker, the famous Golden Retriever had an 84.6% pass rate.

    However, sometimes we do see these dogs being handled by less than responsible owners, and the dogs character reflects the owner. Just ask Cesar Millan of the Dog Whisperer show.

    If these types of owners were all of a sudden fans of the Golden Retriever breed, we would all be typing about this breed instead.

    I apologize I have to cut this thread short, family emergency


  11. With all due respect, I believe that your views are a bit misguided. It is the type of people that are drawn to these so called dangerous breeds that are the culprits here. I live in the US so it’s possible that some of my points do not hold true in the UK or Poland but I assume the situation is similar. In the US at least, “dangerous” breeds like the pit bull, bull terrier, rottweiler staffordshire bull terrier, etc. are considered a status symbols for lowlifes involved in organized crime. These people WANT their dogs to be aggressive and scary. They are raised in such a way that they end up being aggressive poorly socialized animals. This perpetuates the nasty image of these breeds. The vast majority of dog attacks (regardless of the breed) involve a dog that has been chained in a back yard for most of it’s life and not taken out to meet adults children and other pets as it should be. This is NOT related to the breed, the people that own and breed these dogs irresponsibly should be singled out instead. I agree that any dog and young child alone is a bad idea. Kids should be old enough to know how to properly interact with a dog first. Breeds like the staffordshire can be great pets, but they can also be strong willed so they need an owner who has the right personality to give them the direction they need to become kind and loyal pets. Consider that these breeds were bred for dog fighting and are genetically predisposed to aggression toward other DOGS, not people. A handler had to be able to safely handle a dog even during a fight without risk of injury, so it was important that these dogs have a good amount of self control and no aggression to humans. I have two pit bulls who I’ve raised carefully to get along well with both people and dogs, neither has shown any aggression to anyone, do or human, ever. Pit bull type dogs can be challenging breeds but in the right hands they make wonderful pets, and are certainly not vicious.


  12. fofissimo labrador


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  14. nice photos i like it………..


  15. With all due respects i myself am an owner off 3 very buttiful dogs and also have 3 young children and 2 left home and my bairns love my dogs….. and have never had any bad problems with them together and my oldest son has a staffie and a rottwiller and 4 bairns and they all come back after school and sit with the dugs fae ages and watch tv the gther . What about paws for life fae the autistic kids that lassie never thought to say anything about that maybe she’s tae caught up in her perfetic rants and raves bottom line missy dogs and wien’s get on like a house on fire . Ma kids would be devestated if anything happend tae my beloved dugs and i live in a hellish area in glasgow and let me tell ya i nae that it happens tae wien’s but it’s nae the dugs its the owner there’s alot of dug fight’s but it’s nae the dugs its the warped twisted f…..thing humans ma kids have been taught tae respect animals the right way i ken pitbulls are dangerous some are some aren’t labradors and golden retrivers are used to help the blind and deaf so if you tink that dugs are bad with kids you ask my wiens and hafe the glasga bairns you go and google paws for life ma 8 year old lassie has autisim . Ma lab collie cross is ma wee lassies best pal and she’s never even left alone there the best off pals so for you tae see dugs are a danger tae kids is offensive tae ma we lassie so get your facts right before go around accusing innocent dugs like ma millie and ma max and ruby there all lovely dugs and would not hurt ma kids and they guard ma son stevans baba they stand by his caught and there so gentel when playing time occurs so im specking for all ma family when i say dugs are the best threpy animal for a wien .


  16. Its all in the raising! Any dog can be dangerous. raised properly and a packleader makes the difference. Many people make assumptions based on emotion or what they read or hear. Some of these comments are very ignorant. Im not a lowlife nor do I wish to intimidate people with my dogs. I have many friends with pitbulls and have great experiences with this dog nick named the baby sitter! Its how you raise them and make sure any dog is from someone reputable. Stop being breed specific and focus on how to train!


  17. brown labradour male dog


  18. anglopole everybody has the right to talk about things that they feel strongly about and youre right any dog when alone with children should be supervised but i have three children and ive owned three bullies you could not ask for a more loving dog for my kids he loves them and more importantly he PROTECTS them hes very watchful of them. these bully breeds are very territorial they dont like strangers (dogs or humans) they will protect theyre family most attacks come from animals that are provoked because of an irresponsible parent not watching theyre child or an irresponsible owner not watching theyre pet these dogs make WONDERFUL pets dont and i repeat dont get online and bash a wonderful breed that has done nothing wrong. but if you are worried about youre safety dont go into yards where this any dog without socializing with the dog first you wouldnt like someone to just come strolling into your home that you didnt know would you bully breeds have high scores on temperment testing check it out toy breeds have horribe ratings and there are plenty of large breeds that scored worse than bully breeds. also i am not a thug or intimidator i am a proud member of law enforcement and have yet to respond to an animal attack that was a bully breed give these breeds a chance they really are great breeds ESPECIALLY with children you say monster i say loyal loving companion.


  19. Well i have pit bull but always listen when i talk but when i am shouting at someone he get angry and want to eat up the person but i always get him under control and always make sure he doesn’t miss his meal, breeding dogs you need to understand them nor just feeding them with raw meat they will go wild but when u feed Pit Bull using cooked food they stay that way.
    Where i come from here in Nigeria rough place to live but my dog keep me safe when he backs the Labrador respond then the Female respond no one dare come close to my house people around the neighbor hood get robbed they don’t come close the dogs know me very well and my kids. they get a long pretty well


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