Posted by: anglopole | March 2, 2009

British Sex Smorgasborg

Sex here, sex there, sex everywhere…. Sure, it is not just in the UK that the society seems to revolve around sex. Whatever media one gets their information from here, they are likely to read about the progressing moral decline in Britain. I’m afraid, in this case it is not just media preying on scandals of all sorts as the statistics too point to a growing number of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. What many people, myself included, find strange is that sex education is being introduced even to kids as young as the pre-schoolers! There are even plans being worked on to make it compulsory to teach toddlers about homosexuality. In some schools condoms are given for free to teenage students and contraception pills are available over the counter in most pharmacies. Still, we are fed with stories like that of Alfie Patten, the 13-year-old dad. Funny enough, most people condemn the young parents and even more their parents…. So, what on earth is the problem?

The 21-st century Britain with technologies of all kinds, teaching materials, trained educators, medical care and medications available even to those on low incomes….  The sex smorgasborg is being served to youngsters who have no role models for healthy relationships…. – that’s, what I think, is the problem. Teenagers look up to celebrities more than they do to their parents. They will laugh at the popular jokes, follow all the soaps there are on the TV, display the knowledge of the latest fashion but will have no idea about things like commitment, romance, sacrificial love, etc.

Sometimes, I find it hard to believe that some of the greatest love stories were written by British authors. Yes, we should probably leave idealism in the world of fiction, yet, morality shouldn’t really be seen as just an old-fashioned and long gone virtue. Perhaps if this unpopular asset was in the spotlight rather than the sex education, the latter would actually have a better ground to bring the wanted fruit:  responsibile relationships as opposed to hundreds of kids having kids.



  1. I agree. But sex is still great.


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