Posted by: anglopole | March 14, 2009

‘Funny for money!’

I’m afraid this entry is going to be about money again! Yesterday was Friday, the 13th of March. For some people it may have been an unlucky day or they expected it to be unlucky due to some superstitions associated with the number 13 and Friday, or rather the two combined together. Yet, yesterday was really about something very positive. Every year, there’s this Red Nose Day, or Comic Relief, as others call it and it’s all about money…  being funny for money! All the funds collected yesterday and in weeks and months proceeding the final celebrations will go to various charities helping those less privileged in the third world countries.


I like Comic Relief and all the shows created especially for this day. Even more do I like the English making fun of themselves and enjoying it, actually. The humour, the laughter, the pranks, etc. are for once meant to bring some good and not just mock, or put others down. So far, £57 mln has been raised for the charitable causes, which is fantastic! I really like the positive atmosphere and a kind of unity around the red nose day. As for me, it could be like this everyday!

Perhaps, the stiff upper lips would soften if the red noses were worn more often than just once a year?

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