Posted by: anglopole | March 23, 2009

You may be English if you….

Not long ago, on Facebook, I came across an amusing list of features that may prove one’s roots to be in Poland. Obviously, such lists are very much based on stereotypes about a certain country and its people and can be unfair. Yet, they can be entertaining too, so I thought I’d create a similar list about the English. Besides, I have been writing this blog for nearly a year and so let me use this listing to sum up what I have been touching on in my entries.

Here we go:

You may be English if you:

1. Drink and eat tea

2. Take a break every hour to enjoy the drink of gods mixed with a large amount of milk

3. Think about weather (no, not sex) every 7 seconds and talk about it all the time.

4. Look down on others, especially when they are not from England.

5. Do not use indicators when taking turns or entering roundabouts

6. Drive much below the speed limit

7. Love queueing

8. Had a child in your teens

9. Are hooked on reality shows on TV

10. Don’t like schools and education in general

11. Think that Poles eat swans 😉 (that one is dedicated to uncle Rowan who’s my most faithful fan)

12. Find Russel Brand funny, intelligent and a perfect representative of the English abroad

13. Identify yourself with the late Jade Goody.

14. Are overweight or obese.

15. Always remember about good manners (except when you’re indulging in bitching about or mocking others)

16. Like word games but have a problem spelling words correctly

17. Hate spam letters as they’re too tempting a prospect of becoming rich instantly

18. Enjoy living off benefits of some sort – what’s the point in working when there’s so much cheap labor out there?!

19. Dreaming of getting on the property ladder but seeing the dream fade more and more away

20. Can’t live without visitng the local pub at least once a week.

(to be continued…. – I’ll be updating the list regularly. Feel free to contribute, if you like!)

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