Posted by: anglopole | March 26, 2009

Matalan fashion for ignorance

The closest big clothes store to where I live is Matalan and I shop there pretty often. Today we went there to pick up a few items. It was the first time we were buying shoes for our kids there, however, and we encountered a problem that should not, I think, have taken place. We only remembered the European shoe sizes of our boys (we once got a plastic foot measurement tool when buying shoes in Poland and keep on using it for our kids as it’s precise, besides I haven’t come across anything like this here yet). I took the shoes we’d chosen to ask one of the Matalan assistants if the pair was the right size. To my great surprise she had no idea what size 9 is an equivalent of in Europe and neither did any other member of staff in this particular store, including the manager! :-O I was kept waiting for 15 mins as they frantically were browsing the internet to find the tables converting shoe sizes in various countries. Finally, the lady offered they would call Matalan headquaters to inquire about this extra difficult matter! 😉 Nah… I wasn’t ready to waste more time. We bought the shoes risking they would not fit. Luckily my intution did not fail me and the shoes were just right, but the situation made me wonder why in the present unfriendly times for retailers of all sorts, they do not make an effort to be helpful to their clients. There are so many Europeans living in the UK that it is not an unreasonable expectation to see something like this in the shoe section of a clothes store:


The grumpy, old uncle Rowan will surely say: when in the UK you should use the British measurement units. I wonder, however, how many of the British expats abroad think in kilometres, litres, kilos, etc. and know their European shoe size?

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