Posted by: anglopole | April 5, 2009

Demolishing banks to solve the global credit crunch.

A few days ago I wouldn’t have gone to London even if I had had to! The atmosphere there during the G 20 summit was, well, far from friendly! A vast majority of the tax payers in the UK (and other countries) are frustrated observing what is going on in the banking system in the world, especially all this bailing out business that’s financed with our taxes. The most bitter pill to swallow is, of course, hearing all the stories about the bankers who get mighty bonuses for basically pushing the banks to the verge of collapse, and some to actual bankrupcy! The best win is that of Sir F. Goodwin (interesting surname, isn’t it?), who doesn’t want to part with the huge, but undeserved pension he was awarded for his poor services.

Now, the representatives of the 20 richest countries visited London to work on some rescue plan for the world economy in deepening crisis. Yeah, yeah… I know they could have and should have chosen a different location for the summit. Yet, I was rather puzzled looking at the hundreds of wild protesters smashing everything that was on their way, including demolishing a bank, just to make their point that they are not fans of banks, bankers and governments. Funny enough most of these people used a credit or debit card to pay for their trip to London, either from other parts of the UK or Europe. Also, most of these people would often complain of how ineffective the police in the UK are in fighting crime, like when their car is bashed or stolen or their house was burgled, or they were attacked. Why do people think that when they dislike an organization or a government body they can break the law to make those institutions act according to the rules these protesters happen to accept and like?!

I am wondering how many of these protesters happen to be football fans who are known for indulging in violence more than actually supporting their favourite football teams?

Perhaps, next time someone parks in my space in front of my house I will bash their car to protest, following the example of the unhappy Londoners and the vistors to London last week! 😉

I will not be surprised if we see something like this soon:






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