Posted by: anglopole | April 11, 2009

Happy Chocster!

The long Easter weekend has commenced! Many happy holiday makers are already in their vacation destinations ready to chill out and make the most of the break. The sofa sales are in full swing again – after all, the two bank holidays are in fact sofa/bed days again. Another item you will bump into everywhere you go is chocolate in the form eggs (tiny, medium or huge ones), bunnies, lambs, etc. That’s why I think it would be better to rename the holiday as chocster!

Somewhere amidst all the sales and holiday trips there’s Easter, the main Christian holiday,  the reason we have this long weekend in the first place.

As I follow various internet forums, I have noticed a new fashion, namely making fun of anything that is Christian, like the coming Easter. It seems that people desperately want to be perceived as cool and mocking Christianity is becoming a platform to acquire this image of a cool, rebellious person. Funny enough, hardly anybody ever tries to do the same with Islam, I wonder why?

Anyway, I’d rather all these cool atheists didn’t rub their belief in no-belief in everybody’s faces! They can just ignore all the celebrations of this weekend and go to work on Monday, after all why should they have a time off work when this holiday is not theirs, eh?

Nevertheless, regardless of what you believe in I want to wish everyone:


You don’t have to believe in Jesus Christ being a resurrected Son of God! If nothing else just join in celebrating life this Easter: live and let others live AND believe what they want to believe! 🙂

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