Posted by: anglopole | May 6, 2009

Anglopole\’s blog has just turned 1!

1st birthday

I started writing this blog a year ago to the day. I have to say I am proud of myself for being more or less (I like to think it is more rather than less) faithful in posting my thoughts here regularly. Yes, I still live in the UK and I have made myself at home here. I do not feel like a foreigner anymore, however, I have not yet lost the attitude of an observer of everything that is happening around me, which hopefully will prove to be a source of more ideas for posts in the Anglopole Ponglish World! 🙂

Let me present you with some statistics about the blog, then.

Blog Stats

Total views: 20,943

Busiest day: 471Monday, March 9, 2009


Posts: 48

Comments: 192

Categories: 11

Tags: 258

I am sure experienced bloggers would giggle looking at the stats of my blog. Nevertheless, I am more than satisfied as my blogging adventure is still fairly new and, even though I am no longer a blogger fresher, I still have a lot to learn to make my writing mind blowing! 🙂

Top Posts

Russell, the new Brand of the famous British good manners? 5,798 views

The Isle of Dogs 3,040 views

The British Sense of Humour 932 views

What a gaming nation! 920 views

UK postcodes open and close many doors 498 views

Degraded Polish or upgraded English? 202 views

Prosperous 2009 to all! 🙂 193 views

About 191 views

I would be soooooo happy to know why these posts and not others have proved so popular! It seems to me that the more controversial the entries, the more readers they attract. Or am I wrong? Surely enough, I am shocked I have proved to be Rusell Brand\’s secret publicist! 😉 Wow! Over 5,700 views of this post alone – isn\’t that something else?

Let me use this opportunity to encourage all the readers of my blog to leave comments as they are the much needed feedback which can help me work on the contents of the blog!


edit.:  I forgot to kindly request all those who dislike this blog to simply ignore it and focus on those of interest to them, rather than try to post rude and even obscene comments. I do moderate the coming comments and those with inappropriate content are deleted.




  1. I love your blog, I love reading it and I love commenting here. It’s so nice to be able to comment again.
    Well, congratulations! It’s exciting to see how people who don’t know you at all react to your writing, isn’t it? I hope there is much more Anglopole still to come.
    ¡Saludos desde Lima!


    • Thanks Gabriela! 🙂 I sort of knew you’d be the first one to post a comment here! It is important to interact with the readers of one’s blog, isn’t it?


  2. Congratulations – 21,000 views for only 48 posts is good going. Of course, the easiest way to attract more people is to write only about the hot topics of the day, and that is why Russell Brand is such a good one for you.


    • Hi there InvisibleParis! Yeah, I think 21,000 views is a high number in my opinion too! 🙂 When I started writing this blog I didn’t expect anyone would read it! There are quite a few ‘Russell Brand’ kind of people here so I shouldn’t have a problem finding another controversial celebrity to write about! 🙂


  3. Hooray! Congratulation on keeping going for a whole year. They say the first year is the hardest, also the second… and the third.


  4. Oh cheers Island, you are ever so encouraging! Perhaps I could borrow a part of your team to blog with me, eh?! 😉 Yeah, yeah… I know they want to write about Poland! Perhaps in the next millenium I will reach the standard of your blog!


  5. AWESOME going chica!!! Happy happy hey hey!


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