Posted by: anglopole | May 14, 2009

I want to be an MP!

I have got a new motivation to get the British citizenship and that is to become an MP! Like most of the general public here, I have been following the latest MP claims scandal and my reaction to it all is by no means original! I’m gobsmacked and angry. I used to  run my own firm for years and remember very well that I had to stick to a list of what I was able to write off my tax as items necessary to perform my services and produce a profit. Biscuits, toilet seats, porn movies, expensive furniture, maintaining a swimming pool were not on the list…. neither, frankly speaking, should they be on the list of acceptable MPs’ expenses.  

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the rates of heart attacks will be on the rise now! A healthy heart can break at the sight of:


…money going down the drain, many drains of many MPs, in fact!

Being an MP is a great remedy for the ubiquitous credit crunch, actually! Not only one gets paid a salary, but everything, literally EVERYTHING they might fancy to use or consume in their life is sponsored by the tax payers. Isn’t that just cool?! I am not at all surprised that a UK man lands ‘world’s best job’ !  Perhaps he’s related to an MP and has acquired this fantastic knack of attracting easy money, huh?! 😉

Anyway, even though some heads are already falling over this scandal with the ridiculous claims made by MPs, politics seems to be now perceived in its true, rather grey, colours by most people in the UK. What’s happening here is not very different from the openly condemned corruption of the third world countries’ governments, really. Only in the African or Asian countries few politicians make an effort to conceal their real motivations to hold on to power….

Anyway, instead of investing in a pension plan or making savings in a bank, I might just go for the job of an MP once I get the British citizenship! The benefits that come with the job are just too tempting!!! 😉


  1. This just sounds liks Peruvian MPs. It’s the best deal, because the only requirements are being a born-Peruvian and be older than 25.
    Can you imagine how may clowns do we have as MPs?


    • Hi Gabriela! 🙂 This proves that politics IS a dirty game and the politicians in the so called democratic countries are NO different than those in the third world countries….


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