Posted by: anglopole | May 16, 2009

West End and Eurovision

I am watching the Eurovision song contest right now. Kitsch and politics in a music show – it’s always pretty entertaining to watch, especially the voting part 😉

I can’t help but wonder what on earth is Jade Ewen, the singer representing the UK doing there this year? I was even more bewildered to see Andrew Lloyd Webber himself accompanying Jade in her performace! It is more or less like serving gourmet French food in a McDonald! I fully appreciate the desire of the British to get more than 2 points this time, but am not convinced this arranged marriage of West End and Eurovision is going to produce the much wanted miracle! I may, of course, be wrong – we will know the results of the contest in about an hour.

Listen to the song composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and performed by Ms Ewen, the winner of Your Country Needs You :

I, personally, like the song. Now, have a look and the Finnish performance:

The two songs seem to be from two different worlds, so to say, or is it just my opinion?

Anyway, let me continue watching the show and I will shortly update the entry with the official results of this years Eurovision.

Edit.: Well, well, well, the UK isn’t the winner of this year’s Eurovision contest, as I suspected, BUT the fifth place for Jade Ewen is not bad at all, I’d say! Congratulations Norway!

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