Posted by: anglopole | June 28, 2009

The tropic of Elizabeth ;-)

Yeah, yeah, there is NO such thing as the tripic of Elizabeth! Yet, for the past 6 weeks the UK has turned into an almost tropical country! I don’t even remember when it rained last, which is weird, you must agree, bearing in mind the stereotypes about the British weather!  Climate change will make Britain hot, wet, and wild says the Met Office! I am usually sceptical about such far fetched predictions, but from the look of things this summer, it seems to me there might just be a grain or two of truth in all that scientific mumbo jumbo! 🙂

It will be rather interesting to see tropical plants growing in the local back yards. Hopefully the rather reserved British attitude will get warmed up as well! 😉

In the nearest future such sights may be part of the British fauna and flora and not just an artificial creation for bored yuppies in the City:

tropical island in London

‘Staycation’ may be a pleasant option for the summer holidays break this year!


  1. Well then, enjoy it while it lasts… and I hope it’ll last long enough!


    • lol! I will enjoy it more when I get an air con for the house and get the one in the car recharged! 🙂 It REALLY is hot this week!


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