Posted by: anglopole | July 4, 2009

Stressful Retail Therapy

I won’t be very original by saying that I enjoy shopping and do chill out when doing it. I have noticed of late, however, that this pleasant activity is becoming more and more stressogenic! Since April till the end of June our little town was deprived of its only supermarket ( Somerfield ) as it was sold to its rival ( Morrisons ) and had to be refurbished to host the new store. Like most of the locals, I was rather fed up with the neverending traffic around the small shops in the area making it more than uncomfortable to do even the most basic grocery shopping. When finally the new Morrisons did open I was extatic, thinking to myself – I will save on petrol and the supermarket is known for good deals, etc. Little did I know nearly the whole Bedfordshire would come to shop in our local grocery mecca! When I entered the parking place in front of the store, I spent 20 mins looking for a space to park the car, forget the ones designated for people with kids – they are almost always taken by the lazy shoppers who don’t care about the safety of the little ones! Morrisons do employ parking attendants, but they seem to be busy getting a sun tan as the weather here is still very much summer like. Ok, I finally got inside of the shop… it was crowded beyond any logical explanation! At some point I realized it wasn’t just the customers that swarmed in every square inch of the store, but I was bumping into two or more Morrison staff in every single aisle. Now, how stupid is the idea to make them stock the shelves in the busiest hours of the busiest weeks after the shop opening?! You’d think the management of the retail chain would be experienced enough to know that this will eventually deter people from shopping in the supermarket regularly, let alone all the health and safety hazards caused by unnecessary crowd and trolleys with supplies for the shelves that can’t miss even one item.

It’s July already. Two weeks have past and not much seems to be changing in customer serice and general management of our brand new local Morrison. 😦 I will do my shopping there simply because it’s just 5 mins drive from my house, but spending my money there is far from therapeutic!


  1. I guess the crowd went over to the store just out of curiosity. Maybe when it is no longer a novelty it will all be quiet and cozy. At least that is how it works here.


    • You’re right, Gabriela, curiosity was probably one of the major factors for the dozens of customers from other towns to invade our little Shefford! I was hoping, however, the huge influx of crowds would subside in time, but it’s not happened yet… :/


  2. This is a truly truly appalling situation! I’m so glad you have written about it.


    • Hi Rob! I just had to vent my frustration somehow! 🙂 Besides, I honestly feel the overstaffed aisles in the supermarket with all kinds of trolleys on your way are just an accident waiting to happen… I will not be surprised if a child or an elderly person will get hurt in the shop in the nearest future! I don’t want to be a prophet of gloom, though, so, let’s hope things will finally be managed properly in the local Morrisons!


  3. Yes. Let’s hope so!


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