Posted by: anglopole | August 3, 2009

Staycation 2009 (part 1)

Even though I am travelling to Poland in a couple of weeks, most of the summer hols is a staycation for me and my family. It’s not a boring option, however, as there are plenty of attractions for both kids and adults in towns and villages within 30 miles radius from our town. I’m not a great fan of the usual rainy weather in England, but even it is raining there is plenty to do with kids that go bananas! 😉

Let’s start with what we can do on a sunny day. Here are some options:

1 If I don’t want to drive, I can take the kids to one of 5 parks in our little town. Two of them are part of big play/sport fields and so the kids are not limitted to the enclosed playgrounds.

2. In the outskirts of our town there is a forest with footpaths and bike routes. What I like about it is that the two are separated from each other and so the walkers are not disturbed by the bikers and vice versa. At least, one doesn’t have to worry about the littleuns being hit by a motor or a bike. The downside is the dog walkers who, naturally, come to the woods to let their beloved pets loose. So, there are times your kids may have a close encounter with a bull terrier or some such and make you feel like you’re about to have a heart attack. So, going to the woods, even though nice, is more of an extreme option for an outing! 😉

3. About 15 miles from Shefford there’s Woburn Safari Park which is a great place to visit every now and again. A visit there is more of a treat, though, as it will cost a family of 4 about 50 quid to go there.

4. In neighbouring Hertfortshire, close to Letchworth Garden City, there is Stand Alone Farm – a place where kids can see and pet farm animals, play in a big playground, go mini-karting, picnic with their familes or walk around the farm. It’s a fun place to visit.

5. There are plenty of walks, playgrounds and even a few lakes in Bedford, which is just 9 miles up north from us.

6. Another good place for families who like being active is Danish Camp, where I hope to take my kids this week.

7. The famous Milton Keynes is just another mecca of fun places to go to, like: Gulliver’s Theme Park or 360 Club

8. Last Sunday we went to the Swiss Garden next to a gorgeous village of Old Warden where they were holding an air display, which is always interesting for little boys.

9. All the dinosaur lovers, young and old will have a blast visiting Knebworth House and Gardens which is situated between Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City, both of which are towns in Hertfortshire.

10. A little further south from Knebworth, there’s Stanborough Park, one of the land marks in Welwyn G.C. and a fantastic desination for some family quality time on a sunny day!

Once all the above options have been exhausted, or if one desires a proper city break, they can also hop on a train and visit London, which is just 35 miles away from the nearest railway station. I am going to do just that tomorrow, if all goes well and later on this week, I will tell you how my day out with junior went in the mighty British metropolis.


  1. It doesn’t sound that bad: you have a handful of options. I hope you have a great time tomorrow with the children.


    • We had a very interesting time in London and I will write about it shortly! 🙂


  2. Great blog! Next time you have a free day and it is sunny visit St.Albans.On Sundays there is free parking at the multi-story car park and a pleasant walk through the Cathedral and around the lake.Also,Stockwood Park Discovery Centre in Luton is a great free attraction.


    • Thanks, Rob – I will definitely check it out one weekend when it’s a little warmer 🙂 I have been thinking about visiting St. Albans for some time now, so your suggestion is more than welcomed 🙂


      • Make sure you don’t miss Stockwood Park Discovery Centre.On a warm day its hard to believe you are in Luton.There are climbing frames for younger kids,greenhouses,gardens,victorian agricultural exhibits and the excellent Mossiman collection of old vehicles/carriages(many used in Hollywood movies).It costs nothing to get in.


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