Posted by: anglopole | August 7, 2009

Staycation 2009 (Part 2)

On last Tuesday, I took my oldest son to London for a day out. We went there despite a rather gloomy weather. I must say, I am gradually getting used to the unpredictability of the British weather. The thing I will never get used to is the headaches that I suffer whenever the pressure outside is down and it’s down all too often… Anyway, I decided to have a good time with junior on Tuesday despite the drizzle accompanying us most of the day. We took a train from Arlesey, a village 3 miles away from our town. It’s much more convenient than driving to and in London. Besides, travelling on a train is always a great fun for kids! 🙂 So, after a 40 minutes journey we ended up at King’s cross station in London. Our destination on that day was the Natural History Museum. The fastest way to get there would have been on the tube, but, again, for the sake of the kiddo having a blast we took a red double decker. Unfortunately, however, we listened to a guy at the information desk and we hopped on the number 10 which took us through, probably, the busiest street in Europe, and that is Oxford Street.

When we finally got to the museum we were shocked to see hundreds of people queuing to enter the place through all doors available there (there are no fees for entering the museum, which probably causes such queues)! So, we had plenty of time to admire the surrounding houses and the magnificent building of the museum itself.

natural history museum

Natural History Museum (side view)

Natural History Museum (side view)

Natural History Museum (the main hall)

Natural History Museum (the main hall)

Natural History Museum (the main hall from another angle)

Natural History Museum (the main hall from another angle)

Well, frankly speaking, I am not a fan of crowds of people, especially disorganized and insensitive ones. Yet, the museum itself is an absolutely amazing source of 3D information about the world of nature. My little man enjoyed seeing all the animals, dinosaurs, and wondering around the butterfly jungle, especially the playground created next to it for kids. All this is a perfect environment for educational explorations!

the best way to learn is through fun, isn't it? :-)

the best way to learn is through fun, isn't it? 🙂

On our way back we took a bus again, but via a different route. It was a lot less jammed with cars and buses!

looking down on everything and everyone!

looking down on everything and everyone!

After lunch we did quite a lot of walking in the less known streets of London where you can spot interesting landmarks, like this one:

cafe in London

As it appeared we couldn’t get on a train back before 7 pm (Ididn’t realize I had bought a return off-peak ticket and would have to upgrade it to an in-peak one for £13, and it was not worth it) and so we popped in a local Starbucks for a coffee (for me and a friend of mine) and pudding for my little offspring.

starbucks-london-727085Before getting on the train to Peterborough, which would take us back to Arseley, we could relax in an airconditioned waiting lounge, which was nice on the horribly muggy day!

Needless to say I was knackered when we got home, but my son was still full of beans and excited after having seen all the many attractions in London and we only saw a tiny fraction of what one can visit in the capital of the UK.


  1. Well, it seems you two had a wonderful day.
    I am not a fan of crowds of people, either. And I run away from noisy crowds, or activities, such as discos.
    I really hope I can visit those wonderful places some day.


    • Well, there’s always a price tag attached to everything, right? Inasmuch as I absolutely hate the crowds of London, I will surely be coming back there with the kids as the city has countless educational attractions both for adults and youngsters! 🙂 I am sure you will visit London one day, Gabriela! after all, it’s just a few hours away on the plane from Peru!


      • I really appreciate your good wishes. If some day I’m around, I’ll let you know.


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