Posted by: anglopole | September 3, 2009

London Luton Airport

Luton airport is the closest on to where I live (about 18 miles away) and getting there is pretty straightforward, which is convenient. The thing I am not impressed with is the prices for long-stay parking! 😦 Last time I travelled from Luton was two weeks ago and I chose to get a lift from a friend rather than leave the car in the airport car park as the price for it was higher than my return ticket to Poland! What a rip-off! On my way back I caught a bus going to Hitchin and then a local bus to my town. It was an experiment really and I would never recommend relying on public transport in the UK and I mean the local one mainly. I was coming back on a Sunday which meant that buses from Hitchin to Bedford were going every 2 hours! :-O

Anyway, Luton airport is fairly big but nothing compared to the main UK airports, for sure. When I was travelling the gate I was supposed to check in was shown 5 minutes before boarding time, which meant everyone had to rush through the long corridors to get to the gate. That was a new procedure which I found ridiculous as large crowds were swarming around the few monitors in the waiting lounge and then hurrying to their gates…. informing the passengers which gates their airplanes would be at earlier would allow the people to choose when they want to stroll to the particular gate rather than be kept in suspence, so to say!

Another ‘interesting’ change at Luton airport is the charge for drop-off! Now, I understand this is supposed to reduce the traffic at the airport itself. But then, one has to ask, what the purpose of building new roads leading to the airport was? The two seem to contradict one another…

Anyway, it’s the budget airlines mainly that fly from Luton and so, one shouldn’t perhaps expect luxuries for free at this airport. I will keep on flying from Luton as I just couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere further just to experience more comfort during my journey!


  1. I always get nervous at foreign airports: my terror of losing my gate and my flight haunt me whenver I have to travel transfering planes.
    Anyway, I gues this was a whole experience!


    • I can appreciate what you are saying Gabriela! I think travelling is stressful without additional hurdles like withholding the info about the gate number of one’s flight till the last minute! Fortunately, Luton airport is not that big. What are the airports like in Peru?


  2. It’s a psychological trick to get everybody to the gates as quick as possible. They purposely make you think you have less time than you really do so people don’t wander around and take their time. They need to get you there and processed as fast as possible. That’s my theory anyway.


    • Hey, wassup Island? 🙂 well, it sure worked this way with me! I did immediately rush to the gate! So, you may well be right there!


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  4. If you book way in advance you can get massive discounts, last time i booked for my holiday I got about 60% off for booking 6 months in advance. But I guess if you need to make an unexpected booking you can’t really get much of a discount if any.


    • Thanks, Alison, it’s good to know! 🙂


  5. Hey guys,

    Nice site! It’s great to hear other people’s experiences of Luton airport and travel in general.

    I’m actually currently writing a parking guide for Luton Airport.

    It would be great to hear anyone’s views or advice about what should go on the site, so please leave a message if you fancy 🙂



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