Posted by: anglopole | November 15, 2009

Back to uni!

Yes, I am still alive and kicking! However, finding time to write something controversial in my fantastic blog has become quite a challenge, to be honest. Family life combined with work, plus all the nasty infections…. doesn’t leave much time to pour one’s thoughts in a blog. On top of everything, I am back at uni to do a DPSI course which I should have done a long time ago as that opens many doors for professional intepreters, the main one being NRPSI.

In mid-October, then, I went to Bedford University Campus to start my part-time, post-graduate studies. Since then I have had 4 sessions and I like the course itself. Having done most of my studying at Wroclaw University, Poland, I was a tad disappointed with the location and the Bedford University Campus buildings. I had used to pass by the place many times and never realized it was a uni as it just looks as a complex of office buildings – doesn’t have this… erm, university atmosphere, if you know what I mean.

This is where I study now:

bedford uni
Bedford University Campus

and this is where I did my degree:

English Institute of University in Wroclaw, Poland

I am sure this is just another example of a known cliché that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I find all the old or having a more classic look buildings far more attractive to study in, as opposed to the modern, character-less architectural monstrosities. It’s not just the building of the uni in Bedford that distracted my attention from the course. Yes, I am going to treat you with a little more moaning. 😉 We were all a little surprised that, despite paying for the course we have a limited access to basic facilities such as toilets, refreshment bar or a shop, library or information desk where someone is actually there to assist with any queries that students might have, let alone technical support for the tutors who sometimes get confused about the configuration of laptops and projectors.

Because I’d gained my education in a country considered as less developed than the UK, I expected the local uni to be of a much higher standard in every way than what I’d experienced before…..

At least, letters of complaint addressed to institutions are often taken seriously here, so things are likely improve in Bedford Campus. I hope this is not wishful thinking, though! Anyway, I intend to make most of the course despite all the hiccups and pass the exam run by IoL.


  1. I guess the answer here is that Bedford University is not a real University! Taking nothing away from the quality of teaching there, or the qualifications you can gain, this would have originally just been a small local technical college. Generally Universities in the UK are rather ancient and attractive, or ‘red brick’ but still quite imposing, and usually situated on a large campus.


  2. Well, Bedford Uni is the largest of its kind in the county. There is a technical college in Bedford as well, and funny enough it’s situated in the town centre and does actually looks like one of those ancient schools…. My guess is that Bedford Uni is relatively new and that some years back people had to go to other counties to study. Well, one can always tell me off by saying I could have gone for a course at Cambridge Uni which is not that far away from here. Yet, cost-wise Bedford uni is definitely more student friendly!


  3. Congratulations! Some decisions may seem easy, but I guess they aren’t.
    And I wish you luck with that IoL test.


  4. Thanks, Gabriela! 🙂


  5. you made me laugh
    i like that
    hope to see you soon in GU1


    • oh, thanks, Awanturnica! ;p


  6. Well, Silesian Uni – Katowice (where I did my degree) looks very much like Bedford so I can quite understand why you are a bit disappointed… but I hope you will enjoy the course itself! best regards, Jo


    • Hi there Godzilla_w_szafie! 🙂 I personally don’t like Katowice itself…. so, I am not at all surprised to learn that the uni there is rather unimpressive!


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