Posted by: anglopole | April 20, 2010

What has happened with my New Year’s wishes?!

At the beginning of April I finally started getting better after three months of battling bronchitis and sinusitis. The most horrible winter was reluctantly giving way to the long awaited spring and you could sense a deep relief everyone felt as temperatures were increasing and spring flowers began popping up here and there. Having lost the cover of snow, all the nasty pot holes were exposed in every road around. Still, I thought I’d rather do a slalom drive than put up with the cold I thought I had left back in Poland!

However difficult for me and my family, harsh winter and nasty infections, I feel, have not been the greatest disasters that happened in the first quarter of this year. The earthquake in Haiti was the cataclysm that really shook the whole Earth a few months ago. Horrible as it was, it did melt many hearts and the humanitarian relief has been pouring in there ever since. Like many other nations, the British too got involved in helping Haiti recover after the disaster.

Almost every day we hear about a British soldier being killed in Afghanistan and I do not think I am the only one questioning the justification for the Western armies being kept in this country. I may be wrong, but from all the reports we are fed with, it really does not look like the war in Afghanistan is going to end any time soon.

What happened on 10th April just blew my mind and the minds of most Poles back in Poland and here in the UK. What is now known as The Smolensk Tragedy has touched the whole nation of Poland, her rather disliked neighbour, Russia and millions of people around the world individually.  Also last week was marked by another black cloud, not in figurative terms this time – the volcanic ash coming from one of the Icelandic volcanoes that came back to life has covered the whole Europe, which had an impact on the state funeral of the late President of Poland and his wife, as many foreign delegations gave in to fear of the volcanic ash and decided not to come to Krakow, where the funeral was held on the 18th of April. Interestingly enough, the dignitaries from Central and Eastern Europe and also countries like Morocco, Azerbaijan somehow managed to make their way to the celebrations in Krakow. Ironically, it was in the British media that we could hear explanations that only military and government planes are equipped to fly in conditions like the ones caused by the volcanic ash – It is, therefore, hard to believe that Prince Charles was unable to make his way to Poland in order to personally express his condolences over the loss of so many leaders in the fatal plane crash.

Well, as the English proverb says: a friend in need is a friend indeed. I was enormously inspired by Mikheil Saakashvili’s attitude as he made a truly epic journey in order to be present at the funeral of his friend Lech Kaczynski – he governs a country with far far fewer resources than the USA or EU leading countries and still he wasn’t fazed by the notorious ash cloud. Where there is a will there is a way, right?

Oh, I must not forget about the earthquake in China – 2000 dead! :-O

What’s going on with this world of ours?!

Anyway, I want to believe that the remaining 3 quarters of the year 2010 will be better that what we have seen so far.


  1. Hello anglopole:
    I’m so sorry to read about your health problems. I hope everyone around you is better right now.
    Yes, 2010 started noisy. And keeps the noise going. You forgot to mention the earthquake in Chile: not the same devastation, but an 8.8° earthquake is awful.
    Let’s hope all the bad things have been left behind.


    • Oh, yes, Gabriela, I did forget to mention the earthquake in Chile! Oops! There’s been so much going on in the world in the past 4 months that it really is a bit hard to keep up with all the natural disasters. There’s been an earthquake in Indonesia, I think, too…. let alone all the conflits, riots, strikes…. It shows we live in turbulent times! Yes, let’s hope things will quieten down in the months to come! Warm greetings to you too! 🙂


  2. Come on! The plane crash was terrible. But the duck is dead! You gotta celebrate!


    • Hmmm…. Arek…. – it is such attitude as you have just presented (unless it was some sort of a joke?) that I totally can’t understand in Poland and make me cringe… It’s one thing to disagree with someone and it’s another to wish them dead or rejoyce when they die…. how low is that?


  3. Yes I would normally agree with that. But there are some people who are so terrible that clearly the world is a better place when they die. His attitudes towards gay people, prostitutes, communists and Jews were totally disgusting and also his stupidity helped make him a laughing stock outside Poland. So I think we can celebrate his death.


    • I am not really into politics, and I was neither pro nor against L.Kaczynski (or his brother). There is one thing I respected L.Kaczynski for and that was his straightofrward attitude – he was not beating about the bush but expressing his views openly, however radical or controversial they were. I am sure there are other people who felt the same about him as you do, which makes me wonder if there is any grain of truth in all the conspiracy theories that begin to pop up about this plane crash; if it really was an accident…. Anyway, let me just remind you that presidents in Poland are elected in elections and he was chosen by the public and so, really you should perhaps think about why Poles chose him in the first place… Besides, there will never be a president anywhere who will satisfy everybody and will not have fierce opponents….

      I personally do not like many things about many systems in Poland and I never used to, sort of, fit in our ways of thinking and that is why I left at some point – that is not to say I will ever stop being Polish 🙂


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