Posted by: anglopole | July 2, 2010

Exams on the Prime Meridian

I have recently finished my DPSI course and two weeks ago I sat my oral exams in Greenwich University. It was a beautiful day, clouded only by an enormous stress I was feeling. I had not realized that Greenwich was such a lovely part of London! It is not straightforward to get there from King’s Cross but even the journey to Cuttty Sark station was interesting.

Here are some photos to illustrate my big day in June:

my train to Bow Church is arriving

I'm on that train heading to Canary Wharf to change again...

Canary Wharf, a station nott very far from the O2 Arena

Cutty Sark, Greenwich - I'm heading to the university

Greenwich University - the whole area around it is a lovely

close to the university there is the famous Maritime Museum

Greenwich park and on the hill the observatory and the Prime Meridian itself – you can stand on it if you’re ready to part with £20!

the university again, as seen from the premises of the museum

After the exam I kept on strolling in the area to chill down and enjoy the rest of the afternoon before going back to Bedfordshire. There were a lot of tourists, students and even a film crew working on a picture of some sort:

it looked like an Asian soap was being filmed there

opposite the river bank there's the Greenwich Museum

the Thames and the City of London on the other side

Cutty Sark market

on my way back to King's Cross

Needless to say I came back home pretty exhausted. I do hope I passed the exam, but even if I failed, the day in Greenwich was definitely enjoyable and I will surely go there again.


  1. Good for you! And very nice pictures.
    You’ll see you passed.


    • Hey Gabriela! 🙂 Let it be to me according to your word – I really need the results of the exams to be positive!


  2. Hello, I was just wondering if you were going to update your blog ever again… I subscribe to the RSS feeds so I don’t visit your page, but anyway today I did and noticed you are on Twitter! I may be the last person without a twitter account and I don’t know how to use that site, so I will leave you this msg here: I miss your updates and I hope you and your family are doing ok, best wishes!


    • yes, I will eventually update my blog 🙂
      life has been more than hectic for me of late!
      thanks for you interest!


  3. Hi there

    I am taking dpsi exam this week. I was wondering about your experince. Was the atmosphere comfy at Greenwic uni? Anything distracting at all? Was it harder then you thought? Well done for passing!



    • yes, the atmosphere was fine, but that did not decrease the stress I was feeling! 😉


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