Posted by: anglopole | June 8, 2012

60 years on the throne, 35 years in my heart!


The Jubilee week is coming to an end, unfortunately! I am not being cynical, honest. I really enjoyed all the celebrations! In fact it was a lot more festive for me than Christmas, for a simple reason; Christmas is really no longer about the birth of Christ, but about all the commercial obsession of buying, showing off, rushing about, etc. While this jubilee was really and truly about the Queen Elisabeth II whose 60 years of reign is also important to me and my story. My fascination with Britain started over 30 years ago, when I was a preschooler! Then I heard about the British queen for the first time and started dreaming about being one of her servants, however lame that sounds 😉 A few decades later, here I am living not that far away from the Buckingham Palace and still loving the British culture. The fact that I have a laugh at this or that in my everyday life as an expat in England, does not mean I do not appreciate and cherish the richness of the British history and culture. I would not have studied it at uni, had I not been passionate about it.

Anyway, it is a pity I was unable to see the celebrations in London personally, but enjoyed following many of them on the TV screen. However, I did take part in some celebrations here in Bedfordshire. On Sunday, despite the typically English weather, we had a street party in our church in Bedford:


That’s is the faithfulness of her Majesty’s subjects in action! 😉 We had fun! VC Bedford – you rock!!!

On Monday, I went to the Wrest Park in Silsoe, Bedfordshire. There I had a time travel to Georgian times, which was quite interesting. All the displays of armour and dress code of that era were impressive and set in the Georgian environment provided a very original atmosphere, indeed. I had fun!

I often visit the Wrest Park and indulge in my photo obsession as there are always plenty fantastic objects and people to photograph. This time it was especially colourful and interesting as it just gave me a taste of what it was like for people 200 years ago. I love such events. 

Then the concert for the Queen, which took place in front of her royal home, was absolutely fabulous. This is what one of my all time favourites, Stevie Wonder sang for the Queen:

I totally agree with the dedication. The Queen is lovely and 60 years of reign through various ups and downs in the UK and Europe as a whole is a real achievement! My humble contribution to the jubilee is that I am dusting my blog off and picking up writing in it what I experience in my new homeland!

stay tuned! 🙂


  1. It’s good to see you again around.
    I’ve been seing the Jubilee from afar, but I can tell it was a whole event for everybody in the UK. I’m glad to learn you enjoyed it.


    • hey Gabriela! long time no see! I have been busy doing so many things that I just have had no time to be writing here, but it must change, eh?! 🙂 Check out my website with photos as that is what I have been into a lot these days!


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