Posted by: anglopole | November 12, 2012

Agent CCC

I have not been very active here for ages, which is a shame, however, I have valid reasons for it. In June, I became an agent, agent CCC, to be precise – Combat Chemo and Cancer has become my motto and the reality of my life in the past few months. I have been presented with a challenge:

who is going to devour who?

This nasty carcinoma of a tumour, like an ugly old shoe decided to throw me that challenge and I took it. I am half way through my treatment and am going to win this battle! I have my little helpers in that journey to getting my health back and for them I am battling a good battle with positive attitude, laughing my way through it, as why add worry and fear to what’s challenging enough?!

‘smile, even though your heart is aching…. smile….’

I have started a blog about this my encounter with the deadly breast carcinoma: Born Survivor – in case you want to learn more about it, get inspired or inspire someone you know is going through this tough trial.


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    • thanks for the tip – I do appreciate it. I am not very good at advertising myself on the web, I am aware of it. I am trying to sort it out. 🙂


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