Posted by: anglopole | November 12, 2012

Nala, my brave Victorian Bulldog

I have always loved animals and have owned pets since I was a child. My first dog was a fox terrier cross and I had him for 13 years. Due to serious health problems, he had to be put down and it was one of the darkest and most traumatic days of my life. I was grieving for Timi, my first canine friend for a long long time. I couldn’t even imagine ever having another dog in my life. 

Now, having kids, one of whom has been diagnosed with the Asperger’s syndrome has brought the subject of adopting a dog back to my attention. I have wanted to do this for some time, but always had arguments against it. Either the time was not right, or the conditions we live in, or the kids’ age, blah blah blah…… In June, however, when one of this year’s disaster struck my family, namely myself being diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought, there was no time to waste…. Why wait to provide something so beautiful as a canine love for myself and the kids? We all needed something positive to happen for a change. Yes, it would be another duty for me, naturally, but also another incentive to get up everyday regardless of how well I feel. So there, I browsed through websites of known dog breeders, but was more or less focused on two breeds: pugs and bulldogs. Initially, I wanted a Frenchie, thinking about their toy size, but there was this advert in one of the newspapers about a family looking for a good home for their last Victorian puppy girl. When I saw a photo of her, an electric shock went through my body ;))) hahaha – or at least this is a flamboyant way to describe the feeling I got when I saw that gorgeous puppy old tyme bulldogge puppy. So I took my sons and went to see the puppy…..

We loved her and so I decided to adopt her as our latest family addition, a lovely canine baby full of character and life! :)) It took us some time to find a name for her, but since from the beginning she showed a lot of stubborn, decisive, bossy attitudes we called her Nala…. the queen of Anglopole’s world! 

Victorian bulldogs, also known as Dorset Old Tyme Buldogge are similar to British bulldogs but are said to be healthier being taller…. Temperamentwise they seem to be like a cross of American and British bulldog. So, far, I can say Nala is a very friendly and loyal puppy and a very intelligent playmate and companion, but of course, most depends on how I, as a pack leader, will train her to coexist with us. So, I have become a great fan of Cesar Millan and his unquestionable charisma in rehabilitating dogs and training people. I will be writing about Nala and our adventures with her as often as possible. I certainly am more than happy I have got her and have already been mightily blessed by her unconditional affection! 

you can’t but love her! 😀

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