Posted by: anglopole | December 29, 2012

Cupid and Clone Ltd.

Not long ago I watched this very thought-provoking picture: ‘Womb’ (‘Clone’ in the UK), starring latest Dr Who, Matt Smith and Eva Green. It’s supposed to be a science fiction story written by a self-made Hungarian director/writer Benedek Fliegauf, but I couldn’t help and think it was all too real….as in a very realistic portrait of what we so often do – recreate the passionate love we have lost.

Yes, it is a love story and pictured in a very poetic way, almost touching its core that, to me, is always in the human spirit, that is when we think of true love, of course. Two childhood sweethearts are separated twice. Once in childhood, after falling in love with one another and then after being reunited for a short time, death of the young activist parts them suddenly, but not forever, so it seems. Dr Who star, would be cloned! Cupid has found a new way in this movie, to make sure that love survives the worst of all trials, death itself! 😉 I was even wondering if it was a coincidence that Matt Smith was selected to play the leading role in this drama. Anyway, Rebecca, played by Eva Green, so loved her sweetheart Tommy, that she decided to give birth to his clone and bring him up to the horror of his mother and the local community.

Eventually, Rebecca lost Tommy the third time, after he discovered the whole truth of his identity. She was, however, given a present – the long awaited love encounter which resulted in her falling pregnant. Tommy then left her mother/lover….. and that to me constitutes a moral of the sad, after all, story – you cannot recreate the past…. you just cannot…. the copies of past experiences will never be more than copies, even when they bear fruit and give pleasure….

The film is very interesting with lovely photography and the overall climate and way of telling the story and is well worth watching, if you are into poetry, philosophy, psychology and science fiction.

Now, I hope the stupid cupid will not get the idea of cloning itself ;))


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