Posted by: anglopole | May 23, 2013

Sharia Madmen in Woolwich

For the past two days all UK has been fed with updates on the gruesome killing of a young British soldier. It is shocking and so no surprise it is hard for everyone to comprehend the brutal killing. It makes more even more sad to know that the killers are of Nigerian heritage and I lived in Nigeria and know some nice people from there (except the one I married, who happens to be Nigerian too! duh!). I am so very sorry for the family of Lee Ridgby, the victim of the two self-made jihadists! A little boy has lost his dad, a young woman has lost her husband, and a few others lost their brother, parents lost their son….. and all for two mad men wanting to make a point….

I have to say, though, I am equally angry with the British media. All the daily papers today had their front covers completely devoted to that madman with blooded hands and holding knives…. That is a ‘great’ PR job for these two savages!! Why give them all the publicity when we all know that this is precisely why they carried out this horrid attack?!!!! It must be a new kind of stupid!  24 hrs a day of almost pornographic details of this crime is not just distasteful, but it promotes the killers, grants them the notoriety they wanted. The media response and the hunger for the gory details among the public are almost as sick as the crime itself.

Yes, write about the story, talk about it, but, for goodness sake, don’t fuel the ill intent of the terrorists with the exaggerated attention!

Life is very fragile and one life cannot be promoted by destroying another life....

Life is very fragile and one life cannot be promoted by destroying another life….

Here is a commentary of a Polish journalist in the USA on the events in London. He is presenting an uncut version of the video showing the terrorist explaining why he did what he did:

In the uncut clip we can hear, Michael Adebolajo, the terrorist, making references to the Quran and Islam. Now, why was this part of the clip masked by ALL the British media?! Who are the media working for and representing? The British society or the terrorists wanting to destroy it?!

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