Why Anglopole? Well, it is rather obvious, and there is no secret in it – I am a Pole with a status of a resident in the UK. It is quite likely we (my family and I) will at some point become British citizens. However, I will never renounce my Polish citizenship as I will never stop being a Pole 🙂 When you combine the two nationalities, you will get the name Anglopole which suits me in this blog very well, I think. Yes, you have guessed right – a similar story is behind the adjective Ponglish = Polish+English. My Ponglish world is simply the English world seen through my Polish eyes.

I have decided to write this blog as it seems to be an interesting topic and not many people seem to be taking it up – not in English anyway. A similar blog exists written by English guys about their expereince of Poland and Poles: http://polandian.wordpress.com/ They too have encouraged me to start a similar blog about their homeland.

So, there you go, I am giving you this blog which is meant to be an entertaining way of describing my life in England and how I see her culture, climate, people, etc. Do feel free to post your comments as they are the so needed feedback which helps any writer to know how their work is received.

Best regards to you all, Graceful Grace

Ps. I also moderate an English speaking forum, Active English , where you are more than welcome if you like interesting discussions, word games, music, travels, etc.


  1. Nice start at a blog. I currently reside in Poland, have lived in London and am from the US so I can relate to everything you say and a lot more!


  2. Thanks, I hope to be writing posts more regularly:) I have been thinking about starting a blog like this for a long time now, but got a kick to start when I got addicted to Polandian.


  3. A very refreshing read. I am an expat Scot living here in lovely Poland and enjoyed your views on living in England. I have similar views on living in Poland, however, I try to keep them in a positive context. I choose to make observations rather than judgements, like yourself. I look forward to reading your blog at regular intervals and have ‘bookmarked’ this for easy access.
    Ciao4now, Murdo.


  4. Murdo, thanks for your comment:) I happen to like Scots a lot – not many of them live in Poland, I think. Well, the purpose of this blog is to express my perception of the reality in Britain and it will contain both positve and negative issues. If I was judgemental about Britain and hated the country, I wouldn’t be living here. I have got the same attitude about Poland or Nigeria, where I lived as well. C’est la vie! It’s both about the good things and those we need to fight with or change….


  5. […] About Posted by: anglopole | May 6, 2009 […]


  6. nice Blog…


    • Thanks William 🙂


      • Henry or Henryk (for you!) is the name I go by… not William… 🙂
        Have greatly enjoyed Tatra hiking, the restaurants of Warszawa, the awful somberness of Oswiecim, etc. I wish to return. I am a Brit, a CAN, as well as an American citizen, and a current inhabitant of the Republic of Texas. Cheers!
        Dobry dzień dla Ciebie


  7. Mam drobną uwagę co do określenia “Ponglish”. Język będący połączeniem (pół na pół) “Polish” i “English” to “Polglish”. Ja również traktuję na ten temat w swoim artykule “Menace to the Polish Language”, zamieszczonym w moim dzienniku sieciowym: http://polishedtranslations.wordpress.com,


    • Określenie ‘Ponglish’ jest szeroko używane w kręgach jezykoznawczych mi znanych, co nie znaczy, że nie ma innych określeń opisujących połączenie polskiego i angielskiego 🙂 Mnie podoba się ‘ponglish’ i takie określenie w moim blogu się pojawia i pojawiać będzie.


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